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Danicia Ambron was first introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 1991 when she was a student-athlete at Columbia University.  In those young  years, she practiced mostly to prevent injury and soared to great heights in her Athletic career, being the first female swimmer to qualify and compete in an NCAA championship and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012. After graduating college, Danicia deepened her interest in Yoga and practiced and studied with not only Ashtangis like Eddie Stern, Manju Jois, David Swenson, David Williams- but also studied with Judith Lassiter, Patricia Walden, Rodney Yee and a host of others.  In the early nineties, there were NOT dozens of teacher training programs traveling to practice and spend time with senior teachers was  super exciting, exclusive, and immersive.  In I996, Danicia was teaching yoga classes for the New York Road Runners club and was also creating intelligent Yoga programs for corporate populations, college athletes.   While in her 20's,  she was most drawn to Ashtanga for its precise sequence, physical demands, and discipline and opened her own studio, The Prana Studio, in 1998 where she was was lucky enough to teach in a  fresh and exciting Manhattan climate and built a wonderful small community of students and teachers.  As her life progressed and  her student population expanded, she began tailoring more individual practices to both her private clients as well to some of her classes.  She combined her love of Ashtanga and discipline with her deep rooted knowledge of Anatomy and respect for the human body to create her own  unique style of classes in addition the teaching traditional Ashtanga sequences.  She attended the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy where she learned essential skills for body work that translated perfectly into her very hands on approach to teaching.  With time, Danicia moved out of the big business end of Yoga and shifted  her teaching into the private sector, individual, small groups, and workshops. In 2001, she was diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthritis and has successfully used every limb of her Yoga practice to avoid taking any medications for the disease,  instead relying on pranayma, meditation, and carefully designed asana sequences with stability, strength, and appropriate range of motion.  Danicia believes that the practice of Yoga should be a life long journey and not a short race to the finish and for this she credits her own personal practice for allowing her to transition from the high intensity athlete to who she is today....a person ever-evolving and looking to find balance in body, mind, and soul.  Fast forward 26 years from doing her first yoga class, add a few teenagers, a whole crew of Pit Bull rescue dogs and a bunch of  professional dog training and behavior certifications....Danicia is psyched to still be in NY and Westchester area doing what she loves : TEACHING.   




A Yoga practice should balance the body and mind and not create stress because that will lead to injury.  Working with elite athletes as well as those dealing with serious medical/spinal issues has brought a keen intution to Danica's teaching.  She is a student-centered teacher and treats every student as an individual providing the right amount of hands-on, explanation, and no dogma.  

“Yoga citta Vritti Nirohdha” -

                                                Yoga is the cessation of the fluccuations of the mind.


There is no room for ego in a Yoga practice and no one should envy the student on the mat next to them. The power of any strong practice is the breath--Pranayama--the control of one's Prana, one's life energy. Whether in an arm balance or simply standing in Mountain pose, the breath must be present with intention and consciousness.  Without it, you are only doing exercise.  


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Danicia A. Ambron

New York, New York

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