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Yoga Instruction.


After being diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthritis in her late 20’s,  Danicia knew she needed to take her asana practice deeper to really understand the profound physiological changes that can happen with sustained pranayama and meditation.  She has never taken medication for her RA and believes that her lifetime of Yoga and eating well has kept her strong and doing everything she was told she may not be able to do... Her compassion and understanding of pain and the quest to be well comes through in her teaching where she helps sets goals for her students that are safe and realistic.  She works with students with many health concerns because a Yoga practice does not need perfection but only a quiet mind and good teacher. Danicia also kept her ties with the athletic community, specifically college and high school level athletes who are faced with overuse injuries and teaches both pre-season preventative classes as well as in-season therapy to counter the demands of high intensity physical training.    Enjoying the challenges and rewards of teaching for more than 25 years, Danicia feels lucky to be able to do what she loves and make a difference in people's lives. She most recently became an adjunct teacher at Barnard College, teaching Yoga and Meditation classes for credit....which is almost full circle since she Graduated from Columbia University in 1994 and was thought to have taken an off-beat path as a yoga teacher!   # Followyourpassions . #Dowhatyoudobest

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